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Corning again ranks among Forbes’ America’s Best Employers by State

Corning again ranks among Forbes’ America’s Best Employers by State

Corning places third among 101 New York employers and 43rd among 100 North Carolina employers.

Corning has been ranked among the top spots of Forbes’ third annual America’s Best Employers by State list. Of the 101 ranked companies in the New York list, Corning ranked third, up from the 17th spot in 2020. In North Carolina, Corning ranked 43rd out of 100.

Rob France, senior vice president, Human Resources, said that Corning’s excellent rankings on the list speaks to Corning’s commitment to creating a welcoming and sustainable workplace for employees – especially since the majority of Corning's U.S.-based workforce is in North Carolina and New York.

“The jump from 17 to 3 on Forbes’ New York list is a significant achievement and validates our sustained effort in keeping our employees satisfied,” Rob said. “We take pride in being New York’s #3 Best Employer.”

Forbes and Statista, a market research company, surveyed 80,000 Americans working for businesses with at least 500 employees. According to Forbes, survey participants rated their employers on factors such as safety of work environment, opportunities for advancement, competitiveness of compensation, and more. Respondents, who were surveyed on a rolling basis beginning in October 2020 and ending in June 2021, were also asked how likely they would be to recommend their employers.

Rob says Corning continues to invest in the development of employees, so that accolades like this one aren’t just a one-time gesture. It’s a continual effort – one that Rob takes seriously.

“Corning employees are not only the heart of our business, but they help provide the world with life-changing innovations and products. It’s our job to make sure they can continue to do that crucial work, and happily,” Rob said. “Fostering a meaningful experience for our employees has always been our mission, and rankings like this celebrate our commitment.”

For more info on the Forbes list, visit America’s Best Employers by State.

By cultivating a culture that values innovation, respect, and flexibility, we help employees build long careers and reach their highest potential.

We’re Part of Your Future

We’re Part of Your Future

From light bulbs to LCDs, we’ve created breakthrough solutions that have transformed lives for nearly 170 years. To achieve our success, we’ve always been committed to making the right investments today for tomorrow’s achievements. And while our heritage is important, our focus remains on the future. Critical to our prospects will be our people and creating long, secure, and successful Corning careers.

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International Exposure
Corning is a truly global business. With several locations across North America, South America, Europe and Asia, we deliver exposure to a network of industry-leading professionals based around the world.

Technological Innovation
Every day we engineer cutting-edge products that solve the toughest problems for a diverse range of industries. Our employees work with established and new technologies, systems, and processes — always learning, growing, and practicing their expertise.

Culture and Environment
We’re proud of our culture. It fosters a caring work environment that provides empowerment, flexibility, collaboration, recognition, and respect. We focus on learning and innovation, where mentoring others and being mentored truly complement one another. Our management is always approachable, respecting, and valuing each employee’s contribution.

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