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High-Index and Photochromic Glass

High-Index and Photochromic Glass

Advanced Optics

High-index glass blanks

High-index glass blanks

From 1.6 (also in photochromic material, gray, and brown) to 1.9, Corning offers a range of high-refractive index materials for thinner, lighter lenses of top optical quality.

High-index glass lenses are the market reference for lens thinness, combining visual acuity and aesthetics. Designed to offer the world's highest Abbe values, index for index, our complex compositions (we use up to a dozen different ingredients for some of our grades) are rigorously researched, and produced in ISO 9001-certified facilities, assuring consistent quality, ease of processing, and anti-reflective (AR) compatibility.

Furthermore, our 1.8 and 1.9 index glasses are repressed, a unique capacity improvement feature which translates into short delivery deadlines and speed-to-market for our customers.

For slight to medium correction. The reduction in thickness is noticeable and brings with it a general performance improvement.

For medium to strong correction. The reduction in thickness brings an immediate improvement in appearance and visual comfort. 

1.8 INDEX 
For very strong correction. This lens eliminates the problem of unacceptably thick lenses.

The high-tech lens of the Corning range - the thinnest mineral lens in the world.

Photochromic glass blanks


Since we first commercialized photochromic eyeglass lens materials in 1968, under the Photogray® brand, our company’s dedication to this market has never stopped, resulting in a wide variety of glass photochromic lenses available worldwide.

Color consistency is a must; any slight difference in color or in darkening/fading speed from one lens to another would be unacceptable. Thanks to a perfectly mastered process in our ophthalmic glass plant, more particularly during photochromic activation at the annealing stage, as well as to thorough Quality Control, Corning guarantees color consistency, batch after batch.

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