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Services For Heavy Shielding Applications

Services For Heavy Shielding Applications

Advanced Optics

Corning provides dedicated services

Corning provides dedicated services

Engineering & Consulting

Recognized expert in nuclear shielding window design for over 60 years, we provide window drawings such as general assembly drawings (complete shielding window) and detail drawings (wall liner, window housing, alpha frame, gaskets, …), technical calculations (shielding, seismic, resistance to pressure of concrete, light transmission, viewing angles,…), as well as consulting time (design, assembly, …) when needed.

Installation & Extraction

We offer on site installation or extraction of windows, and provides supervision and/or training of site skilled technicians.


The window is disassembled and refurbished prior to return to site for reinstallation by our team.

Inspection & Diagnostic & Spare parts

We provide skilled technicians for inspection of windows and diagnostic services in order to help you finding the best solution: either replacement of the complete window or replacement of components only (alpha glass, gaskets,…).