Corning Employees Show Students in Sichuan Province the Capabilities of Glass

Employees Work With Students in Sichuan

“Corning Glass Class” is a program where employees help underserved students in Sichuan Province.

Corning employees at the Chengdu facility are again helping students learn about, and have fun with, glass.

Corning recently launched the “Corning Glass Class,” a program where employees from the Chengdu optical fiber plant help underserved students in Sichuan Province discover the capabilities of glass and material science.

The program is part of the sustained commitment to education the Chengdu employees have followed through on since the facility opened in 2000. It’s a commitment that reaches students both near and far from the Chengdu facility

“Education has always been a focal point of Corning’s efforts to help local communities empower children in need and create more possibilities for their future,” said Lin Chunmei, vice president for Government Affairs and Corporate Communication, Corning Southeast Asia.

Underserved children in Yingjing County – located approximately 110 miles from the Chengdu facility – have been benefactors of Corning’s goodwill for 13 years. Over that time, nearly 1,000 Corning employees have supported the “One-on-One” donation program that provides supplies to rural area schools. More than 1,400 students have benefited as a result.

Closer to the facility, children from Chengdu SOS Children’s Village, a social welfare institution for the care of orphans, recently visited the Chengdu plant to learn more about the optical fiber manufacturing process.

 “As a responsible corporate citizen, Corning aligns with the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in all of our suitability initiatives. We spare no effort in making  positive changes in the world through life-changing products, as well as returning back to the communities where we operate.” Lin said. “Quality education is one of the core areas we focus on in designing and deploying our CSR initiatives. We believe expanding children’s horizons is as important as supplying their basic education needs. The Corning Glass Class and the One-on-One donation program is a perfect combination to showcase this belief, and it’s just a start.”