Sustainability Goals

Corning's sustainability goals demonstrate our long-view approach to positive environmental, social, and governance-related business practices.

Corning’s goals were adopted after a materiality assessment identified issues most important to the company and its stakeholders. The goals align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) below adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a "blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.”

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance Goals

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance Goals


Energy Management – By 2030, Corning Incorporated will increase its use of renewable energy by 400% from a 2018 baseline.

Water Conservation – Corning Incorporated will enhance its water strategies across Corning sites, prioritizing manufacturing plants and communities in high-risk water-scarce regions, by 2025.

Waste Management – Corning Incorporated will enhance its waste strategies across Corning sites, prioritizing manufacturing plants, by 2025.



Sustainable Supply Chain – 100% of Corning Incorporated’s high risk suppliers and contract manufacturers will be certified as socially responsible by 2025.

Occupational Health and Safety – Corning Incorporated will continue to maintain our safety metrics in the top quartile of our industry benchmark values.

Community Involvement and Partnerships – Corning Incorporated will encourage increased volunteerism efforts year over year by supporting, rewarding, and recognizing employees’ efforts in the community.



Corporate Governance and Risk Management 

  • Corning Incorporated will maintain a diverse board.
  • Corning Incorporated’s Corporate Relations Committee of its Board of Directors will review the sustainability program annually.
  • Corning Incorporated will address Environmental, Social, and Governance issues in its Enterprise Risk Management Process.

Ethical Business Practices – All Corning Incorporated employees will understand Corning’s Code of Conduct, including how to report allegations of ethical or legal misconduct.

Transparency and Reporting – Corning Incorporated will issue a sustainability report in 2021 and every year thereafter.

Environmental and Social Advocacy – Corning Incorporated will continue its advocacy for environmental and social issues.