Monterrey Plant Shines After Environmental Improvements

Monterrey Plant Shines After Environmental Improvements

Monterrey Plant Shines After Improvements

Employees at the Life Sciences facility in Monterrey, Mexico, have been enjoying upgrades to their 50-plus-year-old plant.

Plant Manager Edith Hernandez explained that the upgrades included improving the building’s exterior, installing new safety and security features, and making several environmental upgrades. She said in the six months it took to complete the upgrades, operational and administrative activities continued as usual.

“Reality has surpassed the expectations,” said Hernandez. “Our team is satisfied by the changes and they are thankful for Corning management's interest in making a better place for employees and the environment.”  

The energy-efficient and environmental upgrades, on track with best practices from Corning’s Global Energy Management and Corporate Environmental Control, included:

  • Installing LED lighting in the parking lot
  • Upgrading metering for natural gas and well water to track and maintain usage levels
  • Improving warehouse and production floor gravity ventilation using louvers on walls and heat valves on ceilings
  • Improving air conditioning through HVAC upgrades and façade improvements

Hernandez said due to some of those environmental upgrades, the plant won its first environmental award at this year’s Environmental Health & Safety Conference.

In addition to the important safety and environmental improvements, Project Leader Luis Perez said some upgrades were made to improve employee morale and comfort.

“In addition to all these improvements, we also upgraded our cafeteria for more comfort and, created a new external rest area (non-smoking) for employees to use during breaks,” he said. “We now have a 50-plus-year-old facility that shines like new, and in the Corning way.”