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Eat Local. Run Wild.

The crossroads of food and adventure

“Eat Local. Run Wild.” is the brainchild of ultra-runner, farmer, writer and food activist, Jonnah Perkins. Her mission was to join like-minded athletes from across the U.S. for real adventures and grassroots storytelling at the intersection of extreme athletic pursuits and the sustainable food movement. Originally slated for 6 episodes, filmed in six different locations, “Eat Local. Run Wild.” was cut short by COVID. Luckily, two episodes shot in Hawaii and Colorado were produced before the pandemic put the world on pause.

For anyone feeling that wanderlust, “Eat Local. Run Wild.” is a great escape and an exciting exploration of the connections between local food systems and the adventure athletes they nourish. From a front-range farm to mountain peaks and the deep blue sea, you’re going to meet some incredible people, on their home turf, and experience adventures only their environments can offer.

In early exploration days, tools like the compass and cartography were vital to adventure. Today, technology like laptops, smartphones and wearables enable the adventures we seek to pursue. Whether it’s navigating or checking heart rate, these devices are pivotal to the success of any athletic adventure. Throughout these episodes you’ll notice the wearables our athletes have on them. Creating a glass that is tough enough to keep up with adventures, while simultaneously offering sunlight readability to be applicable outdoors is a challenge that Corning® Gorilla® Glass is best equipped to tackle. Enjoy the ride!

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